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Selenite Crystal Wand Sticks Fully loaded

Selenite Crystal Wand Sticks Fully loaded

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- Slight variations in size & shape due to it being a natural product
- Selenite is a variety of the gypsum mineral
- Composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate and is a monclinic crystal
- Selenite known as the goddess stone
- Helps cleanse your aura and remove low vibration energy from you
- A healing and calm crystal that instills deep peace and excellent for mediation or for spiritual work
- Handle with Care. Naturally a soft mineral and may generate selenite dust during transit which can be irritating to those with allergies or sensitive skin

- Keep a Selenite wand on your work desk to help you stay focused and clear-minded
- Leave Selenite wands near your front door, wave them in the air over your head, to cleanse your aura from unwanted energies when you get home
- Hold it during relaxation to help you reset after a long day, it will give you the energy boost you need
- Place a Selenite wand near your bed or under your pillow when you are suffering from sleeping disorders
- Create a crystal grid and activate it with a Selenite wand
- Cleanse and recharge your crystal jewelry using your Selenite wand
- Alternative therapy practitioners often use Selenite wands to cleanse and align the chakras and clear the aura
- Placed on tensioned areas and gently massage them, Selenite wands can help to remove energy blocks in the body

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